Below Privacy Policy applies to Pollhunt in governance with its Terms & Conditions.

Pollhunt is an online panel/community where people can register themselves to be a part of this panel/community. Pollhunt invites people by various methods to join this community or they can join by themselves by visiting its site.

By joining the community, members share their opinions on various & diversified topics mostly through online surveys. Members are generally invited via email or through the survey list available after logging into their account to participate in the surveys. Pollhunt assists its clients or other firms to collect data through the opinions shared by users which can lead to useful information & then help in taking important decisions at various levels.

Pollhunt asks various demographic & profiling information at the time of registration & after that. We request our community members to keep their demographic & profiling information updated which helps us serve our purpose better. Members can update their information any time after logging into their registered account.

Participation in surveys is voluntary & members can opt out of the survey any time, they can also remove their membership by requesting through their panel login account or writing to us at

Pollhunt strives to maintain confidentiality of its members & does not share the personal identifiable information with third parties. Pollhunt does not use the personal identifiable information for marketing or promotions.

Although Pollhunt keeps personal identifiable information confidential, we may need to share or disclose the personal identifiable information under unforeseen event which may or may not include any Judicial or legal process.

Pollhunt collects the information regarding members’ activity, survey participation & rewards.

Pollhunt may also collect other information, such as cookies on your device, IP address, your device type, operating system, location, device id & digital finger print.

All the information may be used, stored, disclosed or removed on our discretion.

You may be connected, routed or sent to third party URL, link, website or web page not controlled by Pollhunt, Pollhunt will not be responsible for any activity in such events, we request you to always check the content, terms & conditions & privacy policies in such events.

Pollhunt reserves the right to make any changes in its Privacy policies, terms & conditions, community & website. By registering or participating in Pollhunt community/panel, you agree to accept all the mentioned terms & conditions & privacy policies. 

 In case of any query or concern you can always contact us at

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